Here are the NPCs that will sell you this new item

Fortnite makers have constantly been adding a lot of new content to their game and the players seem to love it. But some of them have been trying to figure out information related to these new items. Players have thus been asking about Fortnite Prop Disguise and their locations. Here is all the information you need to find the Prop Disguise locations. Read

Fortnite Prop Disguise locations

Fortnite Prop Disguise is basically an item that helps the players to convert them into a slurp barrel. This Fortnite Prop Disguise is certainly very helpful for the players to camouflage into the surrounding by turning into a slurp barrel. The players are required to buy this popular Fortnite item from an NPC in the game. There are specific places where one can find these items.  Prop Disguise locations have been scattered throughout the map and we have managed to list some of them right here. Here are the NPCs that can sell you the Fortnite Prop Disguise for a small amount of 75 gold bars in the game. The item will activate as soon as you buy it and will be active till you shoot a weapon, use another item, are being shot by an enemy or after completing two minutes of using the item. Here are the Prop Disguise locations.

  • Crustina: Can be found at the counter of Pizza Pit that is located on the northern side of Colossal Crops
  • Raz: Can be found in the tall building, located right in the centre of Colossal Crops
  • Snow Sniper: Can be found on the mountain on the eastern side of Retail Row
  • Jekyll: Can be located in Steamy Stacks
  • Bushranger:Can be found on the camp that is located on the western side of Pleasant Park

Fortnite Weekly challenges

  • Open safes (3)
  • Complete bounties (3)
  • Reach max shields in different matches (3)
  • Stay within 20m of a player for 3 seconds while wearing a prop disguise (3)
  • Hit from 50m or greater with a bow (1)
  • Complete the swimming time trial at Weeping Woods or Coral Castle (1)
  • Visit Fancy View, Rainbow Rentals, and Lockie’s Lighthouse (1)

The makers have also released a brand new weapon called the exotic grappler bow in the game and the players are certainly loving it. The weapon can be found on the island and is spawned randomly through the map. The weapon is unlike the usual ones as it does not require the traditional ammunition but can be harvested items like wood, stone and metal to make its own ammunition. The gun is available in three different types including Rare, Epic, and Legendary Recycler.

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