Here Are The Leaked Deadpool Unmasked Challenges And Rewards For ‘Fortnite’ Week 8

Deadpool might already be in Fortnite, but that doesn’t mean we’re finished doing whatever weird things he’s asking us to do. Last week brought the skin to the game, allowing people to claim it after weeks of doing odd jobs and tracking down objects in the games HQ/Battle Pass Menu. When he arrived, he took over the yacht to throw a massive party, in classic form. Like with previous challenge skins, however, he’s going to have some unlockable styles, and that means more challenges. Thanks to dataminers, we’ve already got an idea of what’s coming next. Here are the week 8 challenges:

  • Find Deadpool’s Pool Floaty
  • Dance At Deadpool’s Yacht Party

We’re going to go ahead and assume that the pool floaty is somewhere around HQ—everything else of Deadpool’s has been, after all, so we can only assume that the pool floaty will be as well. Maybe we’ll get a left turn, and it will be on the map? It’s not impossible, but it’s not likely. We’ll have a guide up once we know.

As for dancing at the Yacht Party, this one should be…pretty straightforward. Just drop over at the yacht and dance your heart out. Try to do this closer to when the challenge goes live, because other people are definitely going to be around as well. You’ll get a peaceful, impromptu dance party for 10-15 seconds before all hell breaks loose, which is always fun.

Afterwards, you’ll get Deadpool unmaksed as a reward, which leaked along with these challenges recently:

He’s still charming without that mask on, if perhaps a bit more terrifying. Just as we saw a ton of Deadpools running around the island last week, we can expect to see a ton of Deadpools unmasked running around the island this week.

I believe that’s it for the Deadpool challenges, but we could always see one or two more sets in the rest of the season. He’s definitely a new format for the challenge skin, so it’s entirely possible that we’ll see Epic do something a little different with the end of the season as well. Maybe he’ll take over another POI? Do something with the live event? Who knows.

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