Here Are All Fortnite’s New Leaked Skins From The v12.10 Patch

Fortnite is back on a regular schedule again, which is the best news I’ve heard all year. That means a pretty solid flow of patches and game additions and leaks, and today we have a whole bunch of unreleased skins that are making their debut in the backend data.

From leakers @Hypex and @xkleinmikex comes this fresh new set of leaked cosmetics from the Fortnite v12.10 patch, and we even know their names ahead of time. Which of these will you pick up? Here’s the full list of new additions:

Contract Giller

I believe this is a fully new skin, not just a Fishstick style, but it fits with this season’s spy theme. It is part of the “Bassassin” set, which is the second fish-related murder pun in this package. I have a hunch this guy is going to be popular, and a good ally (or enemy?) for Agent Peely.

Professor Slurpo

Slurp has become more and more of a presence in Fortnite over the years, and now we have…mad Slurp scientists? Sure, why not. This guy looks insane, and he has a female counterpart, naturally, who looks less crazy and more attractive, because that’s how things usually go.


She has Slurp vials plugged…straight into her head? What does that do? Shield your brain? I’m still kind of nebulous on what Slurp is or does after all this time other than generate shields.


I believe this is one skin with two styles, and I’m not 100% sure if it’s a male or female skin, or meant to be non-binary. They might be twins, or they might just be one skin with some…alternate dimension form, or something. Hard to say.

Farmer Steel

Honestly, this might be my favorite skin of the bunch. It’s just a farmer dude! With mech legs! I love it. It’s ridiculous and totally outside the usually “badass/sexy” Fortnite skin aesthetic and we need more stuff like this to fill in some gaps.


Not entirely sure what’s going on with Zina, destined to be a seldom used common skin, if I had to guess. She does have an alternate style with a mask and coat, showing that even relatively forgettable skins are getting alt styles now.

Out of these, I’ll probably pick up Contract Giller and Farmer Steel, but nothing jumps out at me here as a must-have. Not every week can be full of winners, and frankly, it’s hard to switch off the battle pass skins this season, given how good they are. One I get to Midas I’m not sure I’m ever going to use anything else.

More to come, stay tuned.

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