Go For A Swim At Lazy Lake Challenge Guide

Go For A Swim At Lazy Lake seems to be a troublesome challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 10.

Despite the fact that Week 10 challenges for Fortnite leaked ahead of launch and seemed to be easy-to-complete, players are facing various troubles. First, players were confused by the Dance Near Pleasant Park challenge as some found it a vague description of how close they should dance to the park. Now, some other players are having difficulties completing the Go For A Swim At Lazy Lake challenge.

Where to Swim Exactly?

One thing that might be a little bit confusing about the Go For A Swim At Lazy Lake challenge is the fact that you don’t need to swim in a pool or lake inside the area. To be more precise, the challenge’s name should be Go For A Swim Near Lazy Lake as the best way to complete this challenge is to swim at a lake on the southern side of Lazy Lake or in the river on the west side of the aforementioned place. Most of the players who have swum in these two areas completed the challenge successfully.

There’s one important unwritten rule that you need to pay attention to: Try to land on the ground and then go for the swim. Some players who directly jumped into the water after the beginning of the match to get the challenge done failed to nail it. So make sure to drop somewhere near the location on land and then start your swim.


Fortnite will receive a limited-time Valentine’s Day update this week with new cosmetics, items, and skins. The challenges for Season 5 Week 11 have been also leaked, which feature some unique quests with Valentine’s vibes. Before getting into the new event, Epic Games revealed a new character bundle and a new emote for the game.

Fortnite is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Epic Games Store.

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