Generate power for Stark Industries in Fortnite using this simple technique; read details

Fortnite XP Extravaganza challenges have hit Week 4. Players now will be heading back to Upstate New York in order to investigate Ziplines and Semi Trucks. However, players will also have the task to deliver Semi Trucks in the game and generate power for the Stark Industries.

The latest season of Fortnite has pit players in the marvel universe where they have to carry out multiple challenges and also pick up the mantle of multiple heroes. However, there are also multiple weekly challenges in the game where players can simply carry out simple tasks in order to gain XP. Check out how to complete the XP challenge and generate power for Stark industries in Fortnite –

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How to generate power for Stark industries in Fortnite?

The first leg of the XP challenge kicks off with players having to find Semi Trucks around upstate New York. Some players may not be aware where Upstate New York is on the map but its quite easy to find. Players need to head to the raised part of Season 4 map which is outside the Stark Industries’ magnanimous building, making it easier to reach. Another clue to quickly find Upstate New York is that there will be minor landmarks around the area like Stark’s Secret Lab and the Heart Lake. 

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Any Semi Truck from near Upstate New York is fine for the XP Challenge to work. However, there are two spots closeby Stark industries which can be used to find the truck like the west of Dirty Docks or the Blue Steel bridge. Once the Semi Trucks are acquired, there are only a few things left for players to do, like heading to the raised edge of the Upstate new york and find a place which is low enough to drive over.

Once reached, players need to head towards the road which leads to Stark Industries and the challenge will be complete. In order to generate power for the industries, ride back on forth on three zip lines which are located at the west end of the Stark industries building. Using the zip lines will allow players to get XP. 

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