Fortnite’s Zero Point Is Starting To Go Crazy Ahead Of Season 6

We are now living in the Zero Point era of Fortnite, a mysterious dimension-bending orb that Galactus tried to eat last season, and this season, it’s been spawning portals all over the map, opening doorways to various universes from Marvel and DC to The Walking Dead, Terminator and TRON.

Now, the Zero Point is starting to go wild in-game. Since the game’s last update, the Zero Point orb has broken open more, has changed colors to purple and is exuding zig-zag lines of energy all over the place. It feels like it’s about to blow, and when that happens, that’s likely going to be the lead-in to whatever happens next for Season 2, Chapter 6.

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What I’m curious about is if Epic is going to continue these last two seasons that have absolutely dumped licensed IPs on the game. The season before this one we had I believe nearly two dozen Marvel skins added to the game in the end in a fully Marvel-themed season. This season, that expanded beyond Marvel, DC and Star Wars to a pretty absurd range of IPs: Predator, Alien, Terminator, Tron, The Walking Dead, Street Fighter, Halo, God of War, GI Joe. And yes, all of those were a single season.

Fortnite is trying to create the Metaverse, and the Zero Point reminds me of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, in which all realities are connected in a single, layered plane. This is different than the Multiverse, which Marvel and DC have done, but only with Marvel and DC properties, pretty much. This is not that, this is everything. Every TV, movie, game IP you’ve ever heard of, or even real-life figures from streamers to musicians to athletes. It contains it all.

Not to cite Avengers on purpose, but we’re not clear on what the endgame is here. Is Fortnite just going to keep collecting these characters to sell skins and have them duke it out on the island or in the occasional creative mode? Or is there a large master plan unfolding here that extends beyond the current reaches of the game?

I don’t know what will happen next season specifically if the Zero Point explodes or expands or disappears, but this all has to be leading somewhere more than just “map changes,” though I expect those too. Or do we just keep doing this dance and next season we’re getting Cyclops and Hawkman and Ninja Turtle skins for no real reason other to have them exist?

Fortnite’s desire to connect all IP realities has been unlike anything else we’ve seen in media. It has more properties inside a single game than any other crossover in history, and they are effectively permanent additions, considering you can purchase and own them. So, what’s next? What do they do with this collection? That’s a question I want to start to her an answer to in season 6, which should start in about a week.

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