Fortnite’s Silver Surfer Skin Has Just Gone Live In A Brand New Store Bundle

Well, if you thought that eight heroes was going to be enough for Fortnite’s big Marvel season, we are indeed going to be getting a host of future ones it seems. While we have gotten hints about Black Panther’s future arrival (which is obviously now a very complicated situation as I discussed earlier), tonight we have our first non-battle pass Marvel Skin in Silver Surfer.

How much is it going to set you back?

  • You can buy Silver Surfer for 1,500 V-bucks (~$15)
  • But of course you’ll want the actual surfboard as a glider for 800 V-bucks (~$8)
  • And then you can get an ultra-simplistic silver pickaxe for him for 800 V-bucks (~$8)
  • But there’s a bundle for all of it (and a “Herald’s Star” backbling that comes with the skin) for 2,200 V-bucks, so $22, saving you a bit of money.

Silver Surfer represents yet again, Fortnite being able to pull from pretty much any Marvel property it wants, given that we have heroes spanning the X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four and Guardians of the Galaxy, both currently in the MCU and not yet in the MCU.

Given that Galactus is the big bad of this season, it makes sense that Silver Surfer would also be a part of this season in some capacity, given how intertwined the characters are. We have not seen Silver Surfer on the silver screen since he was in the Fantastic Four sequel bearing his name, Rise of the Silver Surfer, back in 2007. You know who did his voice? You aren’t going to guess. Laurence Fishburne! Morpheus himself. Who knew?

 It stands to reason that Silver Surfer will probably appear in the MCU again if the next phase really does lean on Galactus as a big bad as rumored. But for now, we’re just seeing him in Fortnite, and you can pick him up tonight if you want.

I will say that it’s a very cool skin and the surfboard summoning animation for the glider is really on point. It’s also, hilariously, pretty much the first “nude” Fortnite skin in the game as you can see uh, every inch of his silver form, especially from behind, though no, nothing in front (of course).

I will be curious to see how many Marvel skins they come out with by the end of the season. At $22 a bundle, there could easily be $100+ worth still to come if they did a deal for a large haul. But we’ll have to wait and see what comes next.

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