Fortnite’s Sand Tunneling Could Return After Disappearing For Weeks

Fortnite removed Season 5’s Sand Tunneling feature several weeks ago, but players might see its return in the game’s next update this week.

It has been several weeks since Fortnite Season 5’s Sand Tunneling feature was disabled due to a glitch, but it seems that this season’s iconic form of mobility may be making a comeback this week. A lot of unique and game-changing mechanics were introduced into Fortnite at the start of Season 5, but Sand Tunneling is one that has been absent for the majority of the season.

Fortnite Season 5 started on December 2nd and featured a new way for players to quickly travel across the large desert section of the map. Sand Tunneling allowed players to dig under the sand’s surface and swim across the map at an increased speed. However, a glitch was discovered a few weeks after the season started that allowed players to use Sand Tunneling to become invincible. Epic Games made the decision to removed Sand Tunneling from Fortnite until the issue was resolved, but the feature has been disabled now for almost five weeks.

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Notable Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey shared that Sand Tunneling is slated to be fixed in time for the game’s next update: Fortnite v15.21. While this is promising news, Epic Games has claimed in the past that Sand Tunneling would return in a “next update” before postponing the update at the last minute. Hopefully, Sand Tunneling will return this week as intended so players can continue to enjoy one of the most unique additions of this season.

If Fortnite does plan to reintegrate Sand Tunneling, it will be a part of the bi-weekly Wednesday update. With Fortnite Season 5 slated to end on March 15th, this would allow players to enjoy Sand Tunneling for almost two months barring anymore unforeseen issues with the feature. It has been a disappointing five weeks without the availability of Sand Tunneling or any official updates as to the progress of the fix. Hopefully, Epic Games will stay true to its schedule this time and release Sand Tunneling in Fortnite v15.21.

That being said, there’s no doubt that it has taken Fortnite this long to fix the bug due to its severe nature. Players being able to make themselves invincible gives them a ludicrous advantage which makes the game far less fun to play for those that want to compete legitimately. It would be nice to see the return of Sand Tunneling as soon as possible, but it would also be nice if it wasn’t still a broken mess when it returns.

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Source: iFireMonkey

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