Fortnite’s Reboot A Friend Program Rewards Players For Bringing Back Friends

Fortnite’s Reboot A Friend program is rewarding players with free cosmetics for playing with friends who have taken an extensive break from the game.

Exclusive cosmetic items are being offered via Fortnite‘s Reboot A Friend program where players need to coax their friends who haven’t touched the game in a while to return to The Island. This initiative has yet to be made available globally, but it is a unique way to incentivize players to return to Fortnite, if only for a few rounds.

Not that Fortnite needs the Reboot A Friend program to keep its player base. Even though some of the internet’s largest streamers (Ninja, Tfue, TimTheTatman) have seemingly left Fortnite, it still remains one of the most-watched games on Twitch with hundreds of thousands of viewers at any given time. Other titles, such as Roblox, have even attempted to replicate Fortnite‘s live events due to the massive number of players that they draw. Yet, Fortnite still continues to present new ideas that further enlarges its already massive following.

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While it has yet to be officially announced by Fortnite, players from Brazil and Italy have started to receive invitations to the brand new Reboot A Friend program. According to notable Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, the Reboot A Friend program will reward players who play with friends who haven’t played Fortnite in some time. iFireMonkey did not state how long a player has to have been away from Fortnite for them to qualify for the program, but players will earn rewards based on the number of games played with the returning player. The Reboot A Friend program is reportedly only being tested in Brazil and Italy at the moment, and is only available to players who have received an invite from Epic Games.

There are four different exclusive rewards that players can earn when playing with long-lost friends. After one round, players will receive the Reboot Emoticon. After five rounds, players will receive the Key Change Music Pack. After 10 rounds, players will receive the Twin Talons Pickaxe. And after 20 rounds, players will receive the Holofoil Wrap. It is not specified whether or not both players will receive the rewards after reaching each goal. It also remains unknown when this program will be available worldwide. However, the cosmetic items specify that they are introduced in Chapter 2 Season 4, meaning they will become available to players during this season.

Rewarding players with free cosmetics is a great way to encourage them to complete whatever goal they are tasked with. This has proven effective for several Fortnite events including the crossover with Rocket League, concert with Travis Scott, and Marvel Knockout Super Series. This is also a great way for Fortnite to retain its current player base while drawing in former players who have been away from The Island for a little too long.

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Source: iFireMonkey

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