Fortnite’s Raptors Overran Misty Meadows, Fan-Made News Video Shows

A fan-made spoof news video has caused hilarity online, with the footage showing a concerned reporter avoiding a roaming Raptor in Misty Meadows.

A fan-created spoof news video set within Fortnite shows what a reporter might do if he spotted raptors roaming around Misty Meadows. This is just one of several events happening in Fortnite, alongside a special crossover with Batman. As part of the collaboration, DC Comics has released the first issue of a series that sees Batman and Catwoman team up to get a Victory Royale.

The Season 6 update for Fortnite is called Primal, and it takes the entire map back in time to a prehistoric era. While the new season brought plenty of new content and items to the battle royale game, the most notable addition was wildlife. Creatures like wolves, boars, and even raptors can be seen roaming the map, and players can harvest materials from them or tame the wild animals. However, each of the animals also poses a threat, and they are all more than capable of attacking and damaging players.

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Reddit user SlappyHei has posted a hilarious video of raptors overrunning the Misty Meadows area of Fortnite. The footage acts as a fake news report and displays a reporter noticing a dinosaur to the side and fleeing before it approaches him. Meanwhile, the raptor seems unaware of what is going on, innocently inspecting a light post while the reporter leaves. The video is a parody of a 2020 clip posted by ABC7 that showed the same reporter reacting after spotting a herd of bison moving towards him while he was about to start a recording.

As much fun as fans are having with the new content, not everything’s going well for Fortnite. With the constant updates and changes, the battle royale game also sees a lot of glitches make it into the public build. In most cases, these bugs are not a major issue, but sometimes they can ruin the experience for players. Recently, a game-breaking glitch in Fortnite allowed users to obtain an infinite amount of healing and throwable items, giving them a distinct advantage in battle. While Epic threatens bans for players who utilize these exploits, that doesn’t stop many users from taking advantage of things like duplicating glitches.

The addition of dinosaurs into Fortnite has been met with a mixed reception, but it is refreshing to see that some fans can see the lighter side of new content. The game has often been associated with wacky and imaginative fane-made content and this is just the latest example of that creativity in the Fortnite community.

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Source: SlappyHei (Reddit), ABC7

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