Fortnite’s Possible Disney Plus Promotion is a Sign of the Times

Dataminer FireMonkey finds a text string in the latest Fortnite update hinting at a Disney+ free time tie in with in-game purchases.

Fortnite has had a huge impact in the entertainment industry, and not just with gaming. Just like the map is changing once more for the new Fortnite update, the game is changing the way other companies look at in-game advertising.

This is mostly thanks to the ever-growing plethora of Fortnite crossovers. All sorts of people, shows, and properties have gotten cameos in Fortnite on both the small and large scale. Disney in particular has been making cameo appearances in the game through properties that it owns. While the Star Wars and Marvel crossovers are well known and celebrated by Fortnite players, Disney may soon have a more direct advertisement in the game for its Disney+ service.

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Fortnite dataminer by the name of FireMonkey dug around in the code for the new 14.50 patch and found something interesting. FireMonkey has leaked the possibility that Fortnite will soon have a cross-promotion with Disney+. Specifically, anyone who purchases V-Bucks or makes an in-game purchase with real money will receive two months of Disney+ for free. As of this article, it is not known how much a player will have to spend in Fortnite to receive the benefits of this cross promotion.

Presumably, this line is intended as part of the cross-promotion, but more information is not known at this time. For example, no one knows when this Fortnite/Disney+ sale will start or exactly how long it will run. Based on the cutoff date being the last day of the year however, it’s a safe bet that it will begin soon, perhaps the start of December at the latest. How players will be able to redeem this free Disney+ viewing time is uncertain, but presumably, it will be through a promotional code given at the time of the transaction.

It’s a safe bet that this will tie in with another Disney property crossing over with Fortnite, though which one is anyone’s guess. Disney isn’t likely to put its name directly on something as dire and awesome as the recent Ghost Rider crossover, but it could come close. After all, the Star Wars/Fortnite crossover is still in recent memory, and it worked out pretty well.

In fact, there’s a good chance that this heralds the return of Star Wars to Fortnite, although perhaps not of the main series. Some are speculating that a Mandalorian crossover might be in the works, but only time will tell. Hopefully whichever crossover occurs sees the return of new Star Wars spaceships and usable lightsabers at the very least.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and some mobile devices.

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Source: PCGamesN

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