Fortnite’s Original Default Skins & Colors Return (But You Have To Pay)

Fortnite is bringing back the OG Default skins from Chapter 1 Season 1, but will require players to purchase them from the item shop with V-Bucks.

Epic Games is bringing back the original Fortnite Default skins from Chapter 1 and color variants from Season 0, but players will have to purchase them from the item shop. While it is usually an insult to be referred to as a “default” while playing Fortnite, many fans are excited to be able to play as an OG default.

The Default skins are cosmetics that players wear if they have not purchased or unlocked any other skins. One of eight different character models, four male and four female, is randomly selected at the beginning of each match for the player to use. For the first 10 seasons of Fortnite, the Default skins remained the exact same until Fornite Chapter 2 started. Chapter 2 changed all eight default character models and seemingly did away with the original Default skins.

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Following the 2020 Fortnitemares event, an update for Fortnite was released that removed the Halloween themed content. This update, like many others, also contained new data files for upcoming cosmetics. Notable Fortnite dataminer HYPEX posted some of the datamined skins found in the update including the original Default skins. According to HYPEX, the original Default skins will return as a purchasable bundle that will appear in the item shop. The price of the bundle(s) has yet to be revealed, but the skins will likely hit the item shop close to the release of the next-gen consoles.

In addition to the original Defaults returning to the game, their first-ever color variants will be available as well. These color variants are more excited than the Defaults themselves as they were only available during the first season of Fortnite. While the original and current Default skins wear identical uniforms, each of the Default skins from Season 0 wore unique uniforms. Their colors were likely changed to make purchasable skins feel special and to make the Default skins more uniform.

Bringing back the OG skins is pretty cool, especially since all players will be given the original pickaxe from Season 0 as well. While Fortnite is more competitive than it has ever been, it will still feel nostalgic to don the skins that have been unobtainable for over a year. Now, if only Fortnite would bring back the elusive Renegade Raider skin from Season 1, all of the fans chasing the rarest skins would finally be satisfied.

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Source: HYPEX

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