Fortnite’s Mandalorian NPC is Overpowered, Complain Players

The Mandalorian has appeared in Fortnite and the overpowered NPC is terrorizing players.

Ever since the beginning of Season 5, The Mandalorian has been one of the driving forces of Fortnite’s battle royale. First appearing in the Season 5 reveal trailer, Mando and Baby Yoda made their debut as new additions to the game’s cast.

And while players can don the Mandalorian’s armor for themselves, the NPC can also turn up in-game. But when he does, it turns out that having a Mandalorian as your enemy can be quite the problem.

Initially, the Mandalorian was spawning at the Razor Crest crash site, near the map’s center. Now, the powerful bounty hunter appears to be found all around the map, with several different spawn locations.

And just like Season 4’s Marvel bosses, such as Iron Man, Wolverine, and Dr. Doom, Mando can be quite the issue to deal with.

The Mandalorian Is Killing Fortnite Players With Ease

It seems that the Mandalorian is the ultimate battle royale winner, as he’s killing Fortnite players and making it look easy.

Defeating the Mandalorian when you encounter in-game will reward Fortnite players with his signature Jetpack and Mythic Sniper Rifle. Given that there’s only one of these in each battle royale game, that’s quite the boost to your odds of winning.

Unfortunately, players are finding that the Mandalorian is no easy target. When he turns up in your game, you’d better hope that he doesn’t set his sights on you.

fortnite mandalorian killing players
(Source: Epic Games)

Although the NPC boss isn’t too hard to beat up close, he’s got quite the advantage at range. Thanks to a thermal-sight sniper rifle, the bounty hunter can take out Fortnite players from a distance.

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One Reddit user even reports that they’re “done playing Season 5,” after the Mandalorian snipes them out of the air. According to player comments, the boss AI scales with the difficulty of your lobby.

This must have been quite the high SBMM Fortnite game, considering that Mando killed a player who hadn’t even landed yet.

However, seeing as the Predator is already hiding in Fortnite, a powerful new boss may be about to emerge. We can’t imagine how difficult it is going to be, fighting an invisible enemy as powerful as a Predator.

Alongside the iconic sci-fi villain skin, which is set to drop soon, a major Fortnite leak might reveal yet another upcoming skin.

And fans shouldn’t miss out on the rare “Members Only” Fortnite emote, which is only here for a limited time.

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