Fortnite’s Latest Trailer Has Fans Guessing What Season 7’s Theme Is

Fortnite developer Epic Games has released a new trailer teasing the theme of the game’s Chapter 2 Season 7, which is set to launch next week.

Fortnite developer and publisher Epic Games has released another teaser trailer for the game’s upcoming Chapter 2 Season 7 that has fans guessing even further as to what the theme for the next season of the game is. The popular battle royale game has just released its final week of Epic and Legendary quests for the currently running season, giving players a final chance to catch up and get as much experience for their Battle Pass as they can to unlock its final tiers.

Fortnite began teasing the theme of Season 7 earlier this week when UFOs began abducting players in-game. Other players have been sharing videos showing the abductions, which involve the player being caught in a beam of light from the sky before being lifted into the air and dematerialized. The abducted players are then healed to 100 health and shields before they’re dropped at a random location on the Island.

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The Fortnite Twitter account recently posted a new teaser video showing what appears to be the interior of an alien spacecraft and three floating items that seem to have been collected through a tractor beam and are now in observation. The three items include a Fishstick toy, a carton of milk, and an unknown futuristic weapon. The Tweet is formatted in the form of an observation log written from the perspective of the aliens who retrieved the items from the Island. The description of the log, which is entitled “Catalog Entry #437-887”, humorously refers to the carton of milk in the center of the teaser but makes no reference to the two other items.

The futuristic weapon in the teaser is most likely a new weapon that will be introduced into the game when Season 7 launches, while the carton of milk, which features a picture of Jonesy on its side, is probably a new consumable item. As for the Fishstick toy, its significance or purpose is pretty unclear, but the item could potentially be a new decorative item, either a back bling or a part of a completely new category of cosmetics. The Tweet does mention that a “full data upload” will be made on June 8, 2021, which is when Season 7 is expected to launch.

With Season 7 of Fortnite only a few days away from its expected launch, fans can expect more teasers and announcements from the studio. Epic Games has even sent physical postcards to some fans that contain a mysterious phone number to further build excitement for the strange, extraterrestrial themes of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

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