Fortnite’s Huge Super Bowl Stadium & Special Events Arrive In Creative Mode

Fortnite’s crossover with Verizon brings Super Bowl 55 to the players in the form of a massive football stadium to explore and new game modes.

A huge football stadium has taken the place of Fortnite’s creative lobby thanks to a partnership with Verizon in celebration of Super Bowl LV, and it has brought with it various football-themed game modes and events. While Fortnite has had numerous crossovers in the past with American and European football, this is by far Fortnite’s largest football crossover to date.

Epic Games is not one to shy away from a crossover, and as such, Fortnite has seen crossovers with quite a few different corners of pop-culture. From musical artists to top gamers, to movie characters, to other video game characters; almost any pop-culture icon is crossover worthy. Sports teams have also fallen under Fortnite’s crossover umbrella as the game has sold football and soccer skin sets as well as organized entire tournaments revolving around sports seasons. But Fortnite’s crossover with Verizon takes its sports crossovers to the next level.

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According to Verizon, the 5G Stadium in Fortnite Creative is the largest activation ever built in Fortnite’s Creative Mode. This stadium-size Creative hub can be explored by players in search of hidden secrets. Players can also choose from four different football-inspired games, and the Stadium hub also features a scavenger hunt. Verizon also stated the crossover event will allow players to interact with their favorite NFL players and pro gamers like never before.

The stadium players can explore was directly inspired by Raymond James Stadium, the location for Super Bowl 55, and the video above shows how the builders put together the virtual hub. Not only will players get to explore a life-size stadium, but they can also watch some of their favorite NFL players and creators participate in live in-game events. Streamers Myth and KittyPlays will team up with six NFL players to compete in a variety of games made for the Fortnite Creative Stadium. These events will take place at 7 p.m. ET on February 2nd and 5th.

The Super Bowl crossover with Fortnite is obviously a massive ad for Verizon’s new 5G services, but it’s an ad that gamers can definitely get behind. In a time where very few people will get to experience the Super Bowl in-person, let alone any other sporting event, Fortnite and Verizon are helping bridge that gap by allowing players to explore a virtual stadium. Sure, it won’t be as exciting as sitting in the actual plastic folding chairs of Raymond Stadium, but it’s the next best thing and it’s free.

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