Fortnite’s Coliseum Location May Have Big Changes Coming In Season 5

According to new Fortnite leaks, the Season 5 Coliseum is going to be flooded and will add two large boats for mock naval combat just like the Romans.

Once again the Fortnite Season 5’s Coliseum will be seeing some drastic renovations, but according to a recent data mine, the upcoming change of scenery will be the Coliseum’s most drastic change yet. While Fortnite’s map as a whole hasn’t seen the dramatic changes players are used to over a season, the Coliseum POI has kept scrappy players on their toes week after week.

Fortnite Season 5 introduced a large number of new POIs and landmarks with many being associated with the characters that appear in this season’s Battle Pass. One of the characters is a Roman gladiator named Menace. He resides in a POI called Coliseum, which is exactly what the name entails. Similar to actual coliseums, the structures on the battlefield change regularly in order to spice up combat for those brave enough to visit the dangerous area. The structures can range anywhere from giant wooden animals to scattered chariots and cover. However, it’s most dramatic change has yet to be revealed.

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A Fortnite data miner by the name of Mang0e posted his findings to Twitter which included the next renovation at the Coliseum. According to Mang0e, the Coliseum is going to be flooded with water and will now contain two large boats floating on the water’s surface. The post also included images of what the flooded Coliseum will look like showing that there isn’t much in the way of wiggle room for the boats, and there doesn’t appear to be a lower deck for either vessel.

Fortnite is pretty keen on including wacky gameplay whether it be through weapons or locations, but the flooding of the Coliseum is actually a historically accurate depiction of what used to take place in the real coliseum. These staged naval battles were called “naumachia” and they would take place in the colosseum for viewer’s entertainment. So, while giant wooden llamas and crabs being used in Roman combat may a bit fantastical, flooding an enclosed battlefield with water is actually much more realistic.

It would be nice to see Fortnite get back to its usual shenanigans of making major map changes throughout a season, which is something Season 5 has been lacking. While it is cool that Coliseum gets a weekly update, it’s not one of the most popular POI’s. Regardless, a flooded battlefield may be enough to draw more players to that location making it a more interesting and highly competitive place to land.

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Source: Mang0e

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