Fortnite’s Chapter 1 Map Returns As Eco Skin For Earth Day

Epic Games partners with artist nollobandz to create a Fortnite skin inspired by the battle royale’s original Chapter 1 map.

The Fortnite Chapter 1 map has finally returned not as a replacement for the current Chapter 2 Season 6 map, but as the Eco skin, which is chock full of references to battle royale’s earlier locations and events to celebrate Earth Day. As longtime Fornite players know, the original map has been gone for more than a year now, but many miss its earlier charms. In a way, they’ve now gotten it back (kinda, and only if they’re able and willing to pay.)

Developer Epic Games splits Fortnite‘s updates and slowly evolving lore into chapters, which are themselves divided into seasons. Chapter 1 ran for over a year with 10 seasons until October 2019, when the Chapter 1 Season 10 finale resulted in the Fortnite map getting replaced with a black hole. Players were unable to access any portion of the game for a short period, with few hints regarding the game’s next step. Finally, Epic Games launched Chapter 2 Season 1 and introduced and entirely new version of the The Island. While there have been few complaints from casual or competitive players about the map switch, the original map still holds a sentimental place in the hearts of many.

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Now, Epic Games has responded to desires to see Fortnite Chapter 1 immortalized in the current game – sort of. An artist known as nollobandz shared some concept artwork of a Chapter 1 map-inspired Fortnite skin, and they’ve since partnered with Epic to turn into a real in0game. The skin is called The Geologist, or Eco, and features a suit of armor covered with nods to the original map. Some key locations from the map, including Loot Lake, Dusty Depot, and Polar Peak, are featured on Eco’s body. The skin also contains other references to Chapter 1 locations, including the Tomato Town mascot and the Visitor’s helmet.

The Eco skin is available now in Fortnite‘s item shop for 1,500 V-bucks. The skin comes with a globe-shaped back bling featuring a miniature version of the map. The volcano atop the globe even erupts during gameplay. Additionally, players can purchase the Devourer’s Bane sword for 800 V-bucks, featuring a monster’s skull inspired by a Chapter 1 monster vs. robot event.

Eco may not be exactly what fans had in mind for bringing back Fortnite‘s old map, but players have enjoyed its inclusion nonetheless. The skin offers some nostalgia for longtime players and acts as a great way to merge Fortnite‘s first two chapters. Plus, the earthy skin came just in time for Earth Day this year, so it seems likely that Epic wanted a fun way to celebrate the annual event.

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