Fortnite YouTuber discovers genius method to spend time airborne infinitely with off-road tires and shockwave grenade

Wild Week 3 is now live in Fortnite, and players need to spend time airborne with the help of either Hop Floppers or Shockwave Grenades.

Given that players can earn more than 130,000 XP by completing the five assorted legendary quests in Fortnite Season 6 Week 10, it seems evident that most players are trying to make a massive amount of XP for their seasonal Battle Pass.

Fortunately, Fortnite YouTuber GKI has presented a glitch that will allow players to complete all five tiers of the legendary quest with ease.

Considering all the available outfits and cosmetics in the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass, fans are looking to collect and earn as much XP as possible before the season ends.

Here’s how they can trigger the airborne glitch to complete the legendary quests available in Fortnite Season 6 Week 10.

How to stay airborne in Fortnite Season 6

According to the video posted by GKI on their YouTube channel, players can easily replicate the glitch to spend more time airborne with the help of one off-road Chonkers Tire set and one Shockwave Grenade.

Once they have managed to locate both of these items in Fortnite, they will need to follow a series of steps.

  • The player is advised to construct a wall and place the off-road tire set right next to the wall. This will ensure that they do not miss out on the sweet spot of the tire to stay airborne.
  • Once the tire is set on the floor, the gamer will need to throw the shockwave grenade at their feet. This will result in the player being launched into the air.
  • While in the air, they need to aim to land atop The off-road tire set. This will allow theM to continuously Jump while increasing the amount of time they spend in an airborne condition.

If executed correctly, players can simply position their in-game character in such a manner that it will keep bouncing off the set of tires without any more external inputs.

This process is by far the simplest and quickest method in Fortnite Season 6 to complete the Week 10 legendary quests. Players might even be able to rack up multiple tiers of the challenge in a single game of Fortnite.

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