Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers Help Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney Post Strong Viewership on Twitch

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The third week of Fortnite  World Cup qualification saw one of Twitch’s  top streamers earn a spot in the competition’s solo event. Turner “Tfue” Tenney made his name on Twitch when he was winning weekly Fortnite tournaments, and this week his push to qualify for the World Cup finals in July was a boon for his channel.

Tenney’s 6.7-hour stream on Sunday generated more hours watched and a higher average concurrent viewership than any individual session so far this year with 766K hours watched and an average of 114K CCV, peaking at 213K.

The best session for Tenney prior to this weekend was the first Sunday of qualifying for the World Cup on April 14. His 102K average CCV for that stream helped him generate 723K hours watched. Even Tenney’s Saturday qualification stream generated an average of 72K CCV with 395K hours watched in just over five hours.

For frame of reference, so far this year, Tenney has averaged 48K CCV with a total of 33.6M hours watched making him Twitch’s second most-watched influencers behind only Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar who has 34.1M hours watched.

Though Tenney’s esports origins in Fortnite help to drive his channel’s success, he has previously said on stream that he intends to make the World Cup his final competitive tournament, sighting the lucrative nature of personality streaming compared to professional esports.

Despite Tenney’s success, the main Fortnite channel didn’t see much of a surge in viewership. The channel’s average CCV of 23K for the weekend was nearly identical to last weekend’s 24K average as it produced 614K hours watched, up from 608K hours watched for last week’s duo’s competition. The opening weekend of qualifications attracted 482K hours watched to the main Fortnite Twitch channel averaging 30K CCV.

While the figures posted by the main esports broadcast aren’t as high as other esports, the influencer-friendly nature of Fortnite esports was on full display with competitors like Tenney and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins posting high viewership while competing.

As more and more high profile gamers earn World Cup spots, it will be worth tracking whether or not the Fortnite channel reels in some more esports viewers as fewer high-profile competitors remain in the qualification process.

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