Fortnite World Cup leaderboard: Tracker of 2019 Finals qualifiers

The 2019 Fortnite World Cup qualifications are already under way as the Online Opens for Solo players started on April 13. Online Opens for Duos begins with the semifinals on April 27.

While the qualifications have started, we have many more weeks to go before we reach the actual event. Once qualified, players will compete in June for the Solo and Duos competitions, respectively. Players qualifying now are trying to get their hands on the $30 million prize pool, which is the largest sum for an e-sports event ever.

FORTNITE WORLD CUP: Everything you need to know about the event

Below, we will be keeping track of everyone who has qualified for the Finals in both Solo and Duos.

Fortnite World Cup qualifiers tracker: Solo

Player Name Region
Dubs FN NA East
Liquid Vivid NA East
Ghost Bizzle NA East
100T Ceice NA East
Sen Bugha NA East
TSM_Comadon NA East
Bloom Riversan NA West
Snow XD NA West
TQ Prison3RO Europe
Gambit. Letw1k3 Europe
Trainh DRG Europe
NRG Benjyfish Europe
LDLC Nayte Europe
E11 Stompy Europe
Hreds Belaeu Europe
S2V DiegoGB Europe
Slaya Oceania
Quasar Leloe Brazil
Top_FaxFox Asia

Fortnite World Cup qualifiers tracker: Duos

Team Name Region
OT Spadess, woofgang crimz NA East
MSF Clix, MSF Sceptic NA East
Envy LeNain, Tyler15 NA East
GA_phung, KEZKD NA East
LZR Kiwiface, LZR Kreo NA East
SEN Bugha, SEN Carose NA East
WBG Pike, WBG Rhux NA West
Arkhram1x, Bloom Faloner NA West
Atlantis Mitr0, Secret_Mongraal Europe
NRG benjyfishy, NRG MrSavageM Europe
Solary Airwaks, Solary Mikof Europe
E11 Stompy, E11 Tschiiinken Europe
VHV Chapix, VHV Crue Europe
TrainH DRG, TrainH Seth Europe
E11 Boyer, E11 Crippa Europe
DeroxGG, itemm. Europe
CoverH, MF Twizz Oceania
CRbell, Scarlet No.1 Brazil
CRbell, Scarlet No.1 Asia

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