Fortnite Working on New Aim Assist in Season 5

fortnite season 5 aim assist changes

Epic Games

It seems like Epic Games is in a constant flux with what they want to do with aim assist in Fortnite.

As it turns out, it appears that Epic is in the process of tweaking it yet again in Season 5, but we don’t know what effect this will have right now.

Since we don’t get patch notes anymore, it’s hard to tell what’s changed with any given update, but players are usually able to tell if something feels a bit off when something is tweaked.

Well, it looks like now the controller players are getting ready to get another aim assist boost, so let’s take a look at what we know about any potential changes so far.

Aim Assist Changes Coming

According to Fortnite leaker Mang0e, there is wording in the game files that indicate Epic will be tweaking aim assist in some way.

We don’t yet know what exactly that means for the game, but Mang0e hopes it means it will buff aim assist.

It also covers abilities and whatever else would fall under “etc” so it looks like a lot of changes could come in the near future. We still have a lot of season ahead of us, so if there are going to be major changes to aim assist, there’s plenty of time for Epic to implement that.

What Does Aim Assist Need?

Many players would argue that aim assist is actually in need of a buff right now after essentially being nerfed into the ground.

There was a time where almost everyone complained about controller players, but it’s not looking like that is actually the case anymore.

It will always be tough to find a good place for controller and mouse + keyboard players to coexist, but Fortnite will always have to keep trying as long as cross-play is a thing.

It’s looking like that will be one of the things on the agenda this season, so keep an eye on how your controller aiming feels going forward.

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