Fortnite Will Send You on a Nostalgia Trip With This New LTM Mode

Fortnite has once again brought back a legendary weapon that was introduced back in the early days of the game. This item is a part of a brand new LTM mode that Epic Games has added to spice things up.

The routine updates and the addition of new content like this one keep the game fresh at all times. The developers have once again added yet another amazing LTM event that will grant you a Mythical item to rule the island once more.

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SypherPK showcased mythic infinity blade in Fortnite

This exciting new LTM mode brings Infinity Blade back into the game. The overwhelming power of the sword is capable of destroying everything in its path, and it can also allow you to travel around the map swiftly. Everyone in this LTM will have 200 health and 200 armor because the sword is capable of dealing massive damage.

The light attacks of the weapon deal 75 damage per strike that can shred enemies down to size. The weapon’s genuine power is in its devastating heavy attack that can crush everything in its path. It will propel you in the air that also serves as great mobility tool.

However, this variant of the Infinity Blade won’t allow you to build anything. Once picked up from the map, you won’t be able to access your resource pile, and weapons will also become inaccessible. You have to drop the sword on the ground in order to heal or to chug energy shields.

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The entire mode feels like a one pleasant joy ride where the majority of player base can be seen making use of the almighty weapon. The map allows users to pick up normal loot to fight off other players and sword users.

SypherPK showcased the LTM in his video that you can watch below. The overwhelming power of this blade is in full display in this exciting gameplay clip.

The streamer highlighted the major issue with this LTM that prevents you from building. Weapon wielding players would quite often overpower the blade, and the player-made structures significantly slow the sword users. The destructive power might seem overwhelming, but the inclusion of weapons in the mod hurts the blade.

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