Fortnite: Where To Find The Recycler & What It Does

Fortnite has added the Recycler heavy weapon that turns ordinary objects into explosive projectiles, and here is where players can find it.

Another wacky weapon has made its way into Fortnite, and it’s unlike any weapon players have seen before. The Recycler is a new heavy weapon that turns virtually anything into a deadly explosive weapon. This guide will teach players where they can find the new weapon of mass destruction and what’s so special about this recycling bin turned cannon.

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Fortnite has introduced a lot of wild weapons over the last 16 seasons and has even scrapped a few Epic Games may have deemed too ridiculous. A scrapped Gnome Launcher was planned to shoot explosive gnome statues, the infamous Zaptron from the game’s inaugural season, and all of the goofy grenades that still remain in-game. To add to Fortnite’s collection of ludicrous weapons, Epic Games has introduced the Recycler which is sure to change the game’s dynamic as long as it stays in the game.

Where To Find Fortnite’s Recycler & What It Does

Fortnite Recycler Chicken Trailer

For players who are eager to try out the Recycler, it’s actually pretty easy to get ahold of. Being the interesting and powerful weapon that it is, it might be expected to be a Mystic weapon that is purchased from an NPC or taken from a mini-boss. However, the Recycler spawns as floor loot and in chests just like any other weapon. It has a lower percent chance to spawn compared to other chest/floor loot, but it’s still relatively easy to find. It also uses its own unique type of ammunition that’s even easier to come by than the weapon itself.

What makes the Recycler so special is that it turns trees, rocks, and other objects into bullets. Instead of foraging for bullets, the Recycler consumes structures. Players need to aim the Recycler at the object they wish to destroy and it will be sucked into the gun. Depending on the gun’s rarity, it will shoot a projectile that will either deal 75, 79, or 83 damage to players on impact. It can hold up to 3 explosive projectiles at a time but can collect more materials in no time. It does take 2 seconds to reload between shots, but the massive amount of damage it deals makes every shot feel like two or three.

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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android.

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