Fortnite: Where to Find Chickens

Fortnite’s chickens serve several purposes in Season 6, and fans looking for the animal can find them roaming around in a few different spots.

Fortnite Season 6 made several changes to the island, though one of its biggest additions was the introduction of wildlife. Alongside the aggressive boars and dinosaurs, Fortnite players can find some neutral creatures like fish, frogs, and chickens.

In the case of chickens, they can be hard to track down, though they serve several benefits once found. Fortnite players can get meat and bones from hunting them, while chickens can also be used to fly around the map. Once grabbed, players will get a boost when jumping, allowing for some unique movement throughout the surrounding area. With chickens also needed for certain challenges, players should check the following locations for the animals.

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Holly Hedges Spawns

fortnite holly hedges season 6

Fortnite players can find three spawns for the chickens around Holly Hedges. One his directly north of the location, while another is Southeast near the trees of Weeping Woods. The final Holly Hedges chicken spawn is near a pond directly south of the Sweaty Sands area. Unlike the other two spawn points, two chickens should spawn from this location, making it a decent place to check for those trying to spend 7 seconds near a fleeing chicken.

Colossal Crops Spawns

Fortnite’s farm area is found in the center of the map, and it houses the food needed to tame animals like boars. It also houses a chicken spawn right in the center of the location, with another found across the river to the south of Colossal Crops. A third spawn point is seen by the lake on the west side of the location. The lake spawn and river spawn have two and four chickens respectfully, making this the best place to land overall if players are only interested in getting some chickens.

Pleasant Park Spawns

The final busy area for chickens will see Fortnite players heading to the classic location Pleasant Park. While the small town is busy with players and landing in the center will guarantee a fight, players should be able to avoid conflict by heading right for the chicken spots. The first chicken spawn is by the righthand exit of Pleasant Park itself, while the other two spawns are on the orange grass nearby. The chickens can be found on the cliffs that rest on either side of the road, with players heading north or south to reach them.

Other Spawns

fortnite jonesy riding chicken

There are a few other chicken spawns sprinkled throughout the island as well. Players can check the righthand wall of Stealthy Stronghold, the area where the Lara Croft NPC is found. The unnamed area surrounded by water to the right of Colossal Crops houses a chicken spawn, while another sits at the end of the road leading into Pleasant Park. Two single-chicken spawns can be found in the area between Retail Row and Dirty Docks, while another chicken spawns to the south of Retail Row itself. Finally, Fortnite fans can find one last chicken slightly south of Misty Meadows.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and mobile devices.

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