Fortnite: Where To Collect Meat Or Peppers

Fortnite Season 6 Week 7 Quests have arrived, and among them is a challenge that asks you to collect meat or peppers. You’ll need to gather five in total, and while you could complete this challenge by hunting a few animals, it may be faster to head to one of a few key places where peppers are found often in abundance. Here’s how to collect meat or peppers in Fortnite.

Collect Meat Or Peppers

If you’ve been playing Fortnite Season 6, you may know by now that every animal roaming the island, with the exception of frogs, drops meat when defeated. Some animals, like raptors and wolves, tend to even drop multiple meat items per kill. You could complete this quest by finding a pack of wolves, but since their spawns are random, a quicker way to do it would be to find those peppers.

One of the best places to find peppers is in Catty Corner. Inside the container shown below are several fruit and veggies boxes, each containing a few foraged items. While their contents are randomized when opened, the number of boxes here means there are usually at least a few peppers inside some of them.

You'll find lots of foraged items, likely including peppers, at Catty Corner.
You’ll find lots of foraged items, likely including peppers, at Catty Corner.

From there, you can also check the Catty Corner gas station and the small shop across the street where you’ll find several more foraged item boxes. If you’re able to inspect all three locations, you’ll very likely complete this challenge in one round without needing to encounter any animals. This method would also prove helpful to complete an additional Week 7 challenge that requires you to consume foraged items. For that one, just be sure to actually eat at least three of the peppers or other fruits and vegetables found. This week’s Quest list is making me hungry.

If you’re hungry for more Fortnite, find out everything new in this week’s 16.30 patch notes. The update included the arrival of Neymar Jr. as well as the introduction of the Unstable Bow.

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