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Fortnite’s Season 5 is still carrying on strong with more crossovers than players could ever hope for, but it won’t be long now before Season 6 is supposed to start. With Chapter 2 Season 6 scheduled to be ushed in some time this month, players have a new theme, cosmetics, another battle pass, and more to look forward to. While most of the next season remains under wraps just like every other season before it, players at least have some likely answers to some of their most pressing questions about the next season.

Thankfully, the past seasons have at least given us an idea of how things will go down when Season 5 transitions into Season 6. We’ll see some sort of big event happen that leads to a theme loosely connected to what’s been happening in the current season, and Season 6 will continue to build on that theme until you forget what even happened in Season 5 and how we got there. As for the question of how we’ll get to that point and what to expect after we’ve arrived in Season 6, you can find what you need to know about the next season below.

Epic Games typically announces the official start dates and times of the next season by announcing when the current season-ending event will take place, but that hasn’t happened yet. Until those sorts of announcements happen, the battle pass always gives us an idea of when one season ends and another starts.

According to the in-game info for the current battle pass, Season 5’s pass will be available until March 15th. Past breaks between seasons have been brief and only consisted of some brief downtimes to let the big events sink in while the game undergoes maintenance to overhaul the map and other features, so Season 6 will likely start on March 16th, a Tuesday, unless it starts earlier than that.

One of the constants in Fortnite is the big event at the end of every season that starts things anew. Whether it involves Galactus or something totally original to the battle royale game, these events are always a sight to behold and constantly try to top the previous one.

For Season 5, whatever the final event is will inevitably be focused on the Zero Point entity that’s been looming over the map throughout the season. Datamining efforts have uncovered evidence of the Zero Point sphere becoming unstable and have even suggested these changes could affect players’ voice comms, but that part remains to be seen. We’ll almost certainly see the Zero Point at the center of whatever happens to bring in the new season.

Datamining efforts will consistently reveal upcoming skins for the current season, but they’re not as useful when it comes to predicting what’s coming afterwards. However, we’ve gotten some previews of things that might be coming in Season 6 already as well as some ideas players have about how we’ll get to that season.

Some players have pointed out that the portals appearing around the map this season appear to have been strategically placed to form a cube shape. The importance of that remains to be seen, but it seems unlikely it was unintentional.

It’s also been suggested that Fortnite could get AI-driven vehicles in the future. With just around 10 days left before the new season starts, this sort of thing seems like something that’d be used in Season 6 perhaps after being introduced in final Season 5 event.

Without knowing what the theme is for the next season, it’s even more difficult to predict what’ll be in the battle pass. We’ll have to hope for some leaks between now and March 15th to impart what they can about the next season’s battle pass. Epic Games is typically pretty reliable about sharing teasers on social media during the days leading up to the next season, so we’ll at least catch some glimpses of a few skins from Season 6.

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