Fortnite: What Is Reboot a Friend and How to Do It

Fortnite is reintroducing its Reboot a Friend program that’s designed to get players to return to the game, and this guide explains how.

Fortnite continues to be one of the most popular online multiplayer games currently out there. The structure-building shooter has provided fans with plenty of ways to play with each other, including Squads, Team Rumble, Party Royale and more. The game is also reintroducing its Reboot a Friend program, designed to get gamers who haven’t played Fortnite in a while back onto the island.

Epic Games’ popular free-to-play battle royale is well into its fourth week of Season 6. Dubbed “Primal,” the new season has seen many changes to the game’s meta, including the addition of fauna such as chickens, wolves, boars, and even dinosaurs. Season 6 has also introduced a primal weapon crafting system, numerous map alterations, and other meta changes that remain somewhat divisive among fans.

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What Fortnite’s “Reboot a Friend” Is

Originally (and temporarily) introduced towards the end of 2020, Fortnite‘s Reboot a Friend program is designed to incentivize players who haven’t played for a long while to come back to the game. By playing matches with someone who hasn’t played Fortnite for 30 days or more, fans will progressively unlock in-game rewards like the Toxic Flash Glider, Heartbeat Wrap, Plasma Carrot Pickaxe (which comes with two different styles), and Reboot Spray. Players will be able to invite up to three of their friends, with everyone involved earning points for each game. Players will earn 100 bonus points upon their first completed game with a “rebooted” friend and will be awarded 10 points for every rebooted squad member in a game afterward.

How to Do Fortnite’s “Reboot a Friend”

The process of participating in Fortnite‘s Reboot a Friend program is actually easier than some gamers would expect. To begin, all a player has to do is simply invite someone who hasn’t logged into the game for at least 30 days. Both players will receive 100 points towards the program’s rewards, which can be compounded by inviting up to a full four-person squad. This holds true when playing subsequent rounds, which theoretically could yield up to 30 points per match. Players will need to be adamant, with a required 100 points to unlock the Spray, 2oo points for the Wrap, 300 for the Glider, and 400 for the Pickaxe. Those who have friends they’ve already played with within the last month can still participate, earning 10 points a round just for playing together.

The Reboot a Friend program is live now and will last until April 26 at 11:59 PM PST. Epic Games discloses on its official website that the Reboot a Friend program rewards are new, but are not exclusive and may be made available for purchase somehow in the future, as to avoid another situation like the one with one of this season’s Battle Pass items.

Fortnite‘s Reboot a Friend program is a fairly convincing method to encourage players to get their friends to come back to the game. However, there are some players who prefer playing the game as a solo experience. Fortunately, Fortnite has also just revealed super level relic skins for Tarana, Raz, and Spire Assassin, which can be earned regardless of mode or party size.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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