Fortnite Weeping Woods Anomaly: How to Investigate an Anomaly Detected in Weeping Woods


One of the new challenges in Fortnite Season 6 requires you to investigate an anomaly detected in Weeping Woods. Just like the many other anomalies that come before it, this challenge will reward you with a new style for Agent Jones. This is the last of the anomaly challenges on the Season 6 Battle Pass, but there are many other Spire challenges to work through in the meantime if you’ve gotten everything else done. Here’s where to investigate an anomaly detected in Weeping Woods.

Where to Investigate an Anomaly in Weeping Woods

The Weeping Woods anomaly can be found at the Guardian Outpost in Weeping Woods. This is a popular drop zone for many players that is located directly southwest of The Spire. You can see its location marked on the map below.


Like the rest of the anomalies this season, you’re looking for a glowing butterfly. The butterfly for the Weeping Woods anomaly will appear at the bottom of the spiral staircase that wraps around the Guardian Outpost. All you have to do is follow it to the top of the Outpost. There isn’t a puzzle to solve with this anomaly, but you can make a mistake and miss out on it if you’re not careful.


Once you reach the top of the Guardian Outpost, the butterfly will fly upward off the edge of the platform and transform into the shard you need to collect. You may think you have to use the jump pad to launch yourself into it, but do not do this. The shard will rest in the air to the right of the launch pad, so if you use the launch pad, you’ll be boosted toward The Spire away from your objective. Instead, you need to build a ramp to the shard in order to collect it. It should take only two ramps to reach the shard. Once you’ve built your way up to it, simply interact with the shard to complete the challenge.

Finishing this challenge will unlock the final style for Agent Jones. Not counting his default appearance, there are five unique styles for Agent Jones based on his many jumps through the Zero Point. The Weeping Woods anomaly will reward you with Jump 88, but there are many other challenges to complete on the Battle Pass. If you’ve been putting off these challenges, then you can check out our other anomaly challenge guides listed below.

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