Fortnite Weapon Tier List June 2020

The best weapons to use in Fortnite as of June 2020.
The best weapons to use in Fortnite as of June 2020. | Photo by Epic Games

Fortnite weapon tier list June 2020 has arrived, just in time for the beginning of Chapter 2 Season 3, which is currently scheduled to begin on June 11.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting information about the new season for months, with many leakers and data miners working relentlessly to discover what new content Epic Games will be delivering. There have been Fortnite leaks already, revealing a flooded map, a hurricane ending Season 2 and a potential rift beacon return among other things.

While waiting for the new season to start, here is the Fortnite weapon tier list for June 2020:

S Tier

The Shotguns are the weapon of choice for a lot of Fortnite players, and for good reason. The Legendary versions of these weapons deal out a ton of damage, the second and third most behind the Rocket Launcher.

A Tier

While the Assault Rifles might not deal out as much damage as the Shotguns, their quick Reload Times allows them to be very effective in close-range combat. The Rocket Launcher is great to use with the Assault Rifles, as it can be used to destroy opponents’ buildings on a push.

B Tier

Obviously the worst gun in the game, the lowly pistol is the only weapon in our B Tier. Its Legendary version deals out 29 body damage, 58 head damage, and has a Reload Time of 1.3 seconds.

This list may be expanding soon, as YouTuber Alastair “Ali-A” Aiken claimed that weapons from the popular Spy Games game mode might be coming to the normal battle royale mode soon.

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