Fortnite v15.50 datamined content

Data miners are fans’ heroes. Everyone playing Fortnite is excited about today’s addition of multiple items, including cosmetics, skins, backblings, wraps, emotes, and more. As usual, data miners have already dived into the freshly released Fortnite files, and have managed to discover a lot of surprises.

Being the last update of Season 5, this one’s considered extremely important for every fan, due to the possibility of assets connected to the next season. We have managed to collect many data from various Tweets, holding different information regarding skins, map destinations, surprises, and more.

The most important part would be releasing the previously-leaked female Midas skin, which is deemed to become available to purchase soon. The female version of the Midas skin looks astonishing, but that’s not the only focus we should attain. The so-called Zero Point will act weird at this point, as data miners have already discovered its sounds.

Below you can find the full list of leaks by some of the very well-known Fortnite data miners.

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