Fortnite Update15.40: Fresh, Lazarbeam, Nick EH 30, and Others React to the New Flint Knock Pistol

The rumored Fortnite update v15.40 finally launched today after a series of leaks confirmed the update’s release this week. The game brought some new and interesting changes to the landscape, with many fun items and modes returning to the game. After it was speculated that a new unvaulted weapon would make a return, fans expected the pump shotgun to return. Instead, the players got something more interesting.

In Patch v15.40, the game’s biggest recent addition is the return of Flint Knock Pistol. The pistol has finally unvaulted after it got vaulted in Patch v11.00. This would be the second time the gun has become unvaulted after it got unvaulted in Patch v10.40.1.

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The first knockback gun in Fortnite

The Flint Lock Pistol got introduced on Patch 8.11 in March 2019. The pistol became the first gun to have knockback, which works like a stronger version of recoil where in the player gets thrown off to the opposite side while shooting. The other gun to have this effect was the Hand Cannon, which currently lies in the Vault.

The gun is super fun to use, even though it’s a single shot gun. Players can use it while playing casual and fly around because of the knockback effect. This flying around technique can throw off opposition player’s rhythm because of the material damage it dishes out. The gun can also be super effective in short ranges, as it can give almost 180 damage on headshots.

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Streamers have fun with the gun’s return

Ever since the update arrived, every streamer is looking to get their hands on both the common and uncommon varieties of the weapon. The gun will now be available on chests along with it being part of floor loot. Streamers have had a great time to just have a fun experience with the gun, as it is built perfectly for fun situations in the game.

The gun wouldn’t most likely be in any pro player’s loadout, as it doesn’t have the magazine size or the range for it to be effective. It would most likely not stay for a long time unvaulted, but until then player’s would have to be wary about getting one-tapped with the gun.

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