Fortnite Update Vaults One Weapon and Unvaults Another

Fortnite’s latest update released on Tuesday, and just as we saw in the path last week, another weapon has been brought back from the vault. That weapon is the Rapid Fire SMG with all its different rarities live in the game at this time, but if the past few updates were any indication of what’s to happen, there’s a good chance this one will be placed back in the vault before too long. Last week’s unvaulted weapon, the Hand Cannon, has been put back in the vault to make room for the Rapid Fire SMG.

Epic Games tweeted about the update on Monday to again tease which weapon would be added without saying it explicitly. The use of the word “spread” in the teaser tweet led some to believe the unvaulted weapon would be a shotgun of some sort, but looking back on the teaser now, the fact that it said an update “rapidly approaches” was a clear sign pointing towards the Rapid Fire SMG. The return of this weapon marks the first time that it’s been available since mid-2020 when it was last vaulted.

This update again didn’t have detailed patch notes to show everything that’s changed, but the Trello board for Fortnite does list a couple of known issues in the game’s battle royale mode that have been resolved in this update. Things like “cars not always dealing damage on impact” were addressed, according to the Trello board, so you can look over the limited notes there to see if any bugs you’ve been facing have been resolved.

The only other notable changes in the update besides the bugfixes and the weapon swaps pertain to the Creative Mode. “Large Islands” have been added which are about 25 percent larger than the maps players are used to. Work is also being done on Creative Hub localization to ensure that players’ creations are localized in the 13 different languages available in Fortnite so that other players can enjoy players’ maps no matter where they are or what language they speak. Certain steps are required to have your content localized with those steps outlined here for those who are interested.

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