Fortnite Update Today (June 24)

Epic Games deployed a brand new update for Fortnite today (June 24), which has been made available for Xbox, PlayStation and PC, with the Nintendo Switch patch arriving at a later date.

Don’t get your hopes up for new content in the latest update though, as it appears to be a simple hotfix for some lingering issues in the game. Check out the patch notes and information to find out more.

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Cosmic Summer Comes To The Fortnite Island



Cosmic Summer Comes To The Fortnite Island





Fortnite Update (June 24)

The latest update for Fortnite was released on June 24, and brings with it a fix for the Combat Pro control layout issues on all platforms.

Fortnite’s latest update also appears to have fixed stability issues on Xbox consoles. Players should no longer experience crashes on startup or whilst loading into a match after the new patch.

Patch Notes

Unfortunately, there are currently no detailed patch notes for the latest Fortnite update on June 24. However, the official Fortnite Status Twitter Account did tweet out the following information regarding the update:

“We are deploying a maintenance patch on PC, PlayStation consoles and Xbox consoles to address stability issues on Xbox One and to fix the Combat Pro control layout issues. We will let you know when the update is available on Nintendo Switch.”

Should any further information be revealed for this small patch, we will update this article.

Fortnite v17.10 Update

Although there wasn’t a lot to shout about in the latest Fortnite patch, players were just treated to plenty of new content in the v17.10 update.

V17.10 is available right now for all platforms, and gives players access to the giant UFO Mothership floating above the map. If you’re lucky enough to get inside, you’ll be required to complete a puzzle to gain access to a massive loot room.

This wasn’t the only new feature in v17.10, it also added some brand new weapons, skins, and a new two week long summer event. Find out more in the official patch notes at the link below.

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