Fortnite Update Today (April 8)

Fortnite has been one of the first battle royale games, and it still maintains the popularity it had back in the day. In fact, the game has grown tremendously over the years, and the future looks really promising for the game as well.

Epic Games frequently releases new updates to the game which adds tons of new features, modes and much more to the game. Recently, Chapter 2 Season 6 made its debut in the game and it added a new crafting mechanics, new animals and tons of new locations in the game.

There is still a while to go for the next season to begin. However, there is a lot in store for fans out there in the ongoing season itself, ranging from new challenges to some exciting new rewards. After the major update, a number of bugs had popped up in the game and the developers have been actively working to reduce them.

Fortnite Update Today (April 8) – Patch Notes

Today, Epic Games has released another update for Fortnite which brings a few tweaks to the game. There are no patch notes as such for the update, but here is everything that has been changed.

  • The Recycler now harvests ammo faster and does more damage to structures
  • Primal Shotgun damage reduced and pullout time increased

The update is quite a small one and there are no other significant changes apart from the ones mentioned above. The Primal Shotgun made its debut in the latest season itself and this hotfix balances that. The gun has been quite overpowered and the damage reduction and pullout time increase should balance it pretty well.

The Recycler on the other hand was added to the game this week itself, along with the Reboot a Friend feature. While it isn’t a popularly used gun as such, it is getting a buff which should make it a more viable option to use.

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