Fortnite Update 3.17 May 25 Out for v16.50, Datamined Content Listed

Epic Games has released the Fortnite update 3.17 May 25 patch, or what the studio calls the v16.50 title update. This brings a slew of fixes, changes, and of course, new stuff into the game that players can see listed below.

Fortnite Update 3.17 May 25 Patch Notes (v16.50):

The official Fortnite Trello board has not been updated yet, but here are the confirmed stuff incoming:

v16.50 brings:

  • A fan favorite comes back out of the vault
  • Survey and oversee larger spaces in
  • Spend your Bars BIG in the next Wild Week starting June 3!

Fixes (via Trello board):


Player-built structures have reduced visuals in PC Performance Mode.

We’re aware of an issue where player-built structures appear with a reduced visual state (“bubble-wrapped”) in the PC Performance Mode alpha.

Just-added friends wrongly appearing offline.

Friends you just added may wrongly appear offline in your friends list.

If this issue occurs, it can be resolved by the just-added friend setting their online status to “Away” then back to “Online.” Waiting approximately one minute or restarting the game will also resolve the issue.

Battle Royale:

Moving left in the inventory on controller skips the last weapon slot.

When trying to move or rearrange your inventory while using a controller, moving left from the first weapon slot will skip the final weapon slot.


“Recent Islands” list does not update.

We’re investigating an issue where the “Recent Islands” list does not update after entering an Island.

The ocean is invisible in the minimap.

We’re investigating an issue that is causing the ocean to appear invisible on the minimap.

A game not starting if player is in Phone Booth.

If the player is in the Phone Booth during pregame’s auto start countdown, the game won’t start until the player exits the Phone Booth.

Fortnite v16.50 Datamined Info:

A New item got added this update with the codename “AwfulDuck” Here’s other things related to it + this icon:
– Phosphorus
– Warm Up
– Beam
– Rez Out And In
– Player Pulse
– Warning

Looks like the “Alien” items will bring back the Teleport Hiding Props in some form, like the ones we had all over the map in Season 2 to teleport around!

ICYMI: Bella Poach will get her own emote soon and its most likely related to her new song:
– “I’m not built for you. Dance moves by Bella Poarch.”

The FNCS skin will be exclusive to this FNCS (item shop) Also they will bring back some item(s) that didn’t return for more than 1000 days which is gonna be one of these:
Raptor Glider (1029 Days)
Piledriver Pickaxe (1007 Days)
Drumbeat Pickaxe (995 Days)

We’ll be updating this section as more info surfaces (datamining takes time!), so refresh this post throughout the day to know more.

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