Fortnite Update 12.60 Leaked Skins and Cosmetics

Courtesy of Epic Games

During each season, Epic Games has a routine of giving us new updates weekly for those who have the Battle Pass. This week is no different as it has been leaked by multiple sources that there will be some cool new skins on this way.

Here is your guide for this week’s upcoming leaks.

Keeping up with the Season 6 primal theme, we will be allegedly getting animal-themed skins. Some of these skins will include owl and fish-faced costumes. There will also be a few cross-over skins with the addition of a Harley Quinn suit.

Many of the leaked skins are shown below, but there are still skins that have not been leaked yet.

Along with the skins, we Epic Games will be all new level rewards! These new rewards will be available for those who complete the Battle Pass requirements. This is going to be a great new addition to the game because everbody loves rewards!

The rewards, which will be shown below, will range from epic skins to gliders and backpacks.

Along with all of the new rewards and skins, there will be addition emotes added to the game. So after you get a kill you can dance over your enemies with some cool new emotes.

Fortnite is known to have great updates, and the coming updates will be just as great. The new skins will definately be fan favorites and all of the other additions are just as cool.

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