Fortnite: Tunes By Drake,Cardi B, The Weeknd Available in Cars

Finally, it is here! After getting delayed for long, cars are now finally in Fortnite. Hold on, that’s not all. You can play music in your car too. The cars update features radio stations with a curated list of music featuring some of the popular artists right now. The vehicle update weighs 2.3 GB on the PC version of the game. In addition to this, players can now fill up the gas tank in their cars from gas stations present around the map. Now, each car has 4 gas tanks, so all the members of a squad can help fill the gas tank.

With the cars here, probably Fortnite will have car-based events and challenges now. But right now, we can’t keep calm about the music available right now with the cars update.

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The current tracklist for Fortnite Boombox radio features the likes of Juice WRLD, 21 Savage, and others

Courtesy of Reddit user u/SirLemonGrab21‘s post on the Fortnite dedicated subreddit, we now have the tracklist of the music that has made its way into the radio stations. Popular leaker @StormLeaks also posted the list on his tweet.

full tracklist for the beatbox radio (Credit to @StormLeak on twitter) from FortNiteBR

However, this is not the entire tracklist. We believe devs will be gradually adding more music to the game (where’s Travis Scott?). All these songs are spread out across various available radio stations. Specific radio stations will play certain songs/ artists. After waiting so long for the update, this is something we have got to thank Epic for. This is, of course, one of the most exciting updates in the game, and the addition of the music system really put a cherry on the top.

Well, looks like it’s time to get behind the while to some sick tracks and grab that Victory Royale. We have got to admit, as of now, it looks like the update deserves all the hype it generated. What do you think?

SOURCE- Storm- Fortnite Leaks- Twitter, FortNiteBR- Reddit

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