Fortnite: Travis Scott skin may have leaked

In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 finally gets back to the regular news and content updates. This time, some leakers seem to have found some interesting elements in the game files: lines of code related to rapper Travis Scott. If we go back a few months, Epic Games had already surprised us by collaborating with the artist Marshmello — who then performed a live concert in-game.

His skin was immediately available in the Item Shop. An event that fans enjoyed and that could be repeated with Travis Scott soon.

For the moment, apart from a few lines of code and a potential skin in low definition we don’t have many elements. In any case, we can hope to see a major event very soon!

With update 12.20, Fortnite has implemented the Choppa — or helicopter. Since the beginning of the season, rumors about the potential appearance of such a vehicle have been omnipresent.

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