Fortnite to unveil new Travis Scott skin? Check out new Fortnite leaks here

Fortnite has grown rapidly in the gaming market. This growth became tenfold during the peak of the corona pandemic. Fortnite is always trying to stay ahead of its competitors and is collaborating with new artists, brands, and franchises to provide for more immersive content for the players. Fortnite hosted a virtual event in collaboration with rapper, music producer Travis Scott called the Astronomical event. This event was a virtual concert for the players to come to join in and have some. It was an unprecedented success with over 12 million players visiting the virtual concert.

Fortnite has provided an escape for people when the future of events is bleak at best. The Fortnite Concert took place at the new game mode they developed especially for these virtual events, Party Royale.

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Fortnite Travis Scott Skin Leak

In recent events, reputed leaker and data miner for Fortnite, ShiinaBR posted a tweet revealing a new, never-before-seen concept art for Travis Scott saying, “This is a Travis Scott concept that was supposed to come in the game (it could still get added in the future, but for now we only have this concept). This was posted by a verified user in a music leaking forum. (Thanks to @DfgJelly for sending me this in DMs 15 minutes ago.)”

This Travis Scott skin is quite different from the Travis Scott Skin the players received. The leaked skin featured Travis Scott with a long jacket, some gold bling on his neck, and a trucker cap on, as opposed to the bare-chested, tattoo ridden avatar for Travis Scott the players received. Speculations about this new Travis Scott skin in the Fortnite community are at an all-time high. The community is assuming that this is just one of those skins that didn’t make the final cut and was forgotten in the files of the game. Shiina BR assumes that this skin could be available in the future for the players to purchase in the game, but for now, no official statement has been made about this skin either by Fortnite or Travis Scott. 

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Other Fortnite Concerts

Fortnite concerts have taken the world by storm. The new no-violence only partying mode, Party Royale has become a massive success. Along with Travis Scott, Diplo and Major Lazer and Marshmello have had their own virtual concerts in Fortnite. Dominic Fike is the most recent artist to hold a concert in the Party Royale mode in Fortnite.

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