‘Fortnite’ Teases ‘G.I. Joe’ Crossover Skins

There is no outer perimeter when it comes to Fortnite’s array of licensed skins and cosmetics. From Star Wars to The Avengers to The Justice League and The Walking Dead, anything and everything is fair game when it comes to Fortnite’s multiverse.

Following a Marvel-themed Season 4, we are now deep into a bounty hunter-themed Season 5. The Battle Pass includes The Mandalorian as its primary skin, and Predator as its “secret” skin. Daryl and Michonne from The Walking Dead have shown up, and so has The Terminator, each pulled from their various worlds into Fortnite.

There is no sign that this trend will slow anytime soon. While Epic Games continues to make cool original skins—like Mave, the shape-shifting bounty hunter included in the Season 5 Battle pass—the company is relying more and more on content from other properties.

So it comes as no surprise that Epic is now teasing the impending arrival of G.I. Joe skins—namely, the ninja Snake Eyes, with a new transmission from Agent Jonesy, who has been gathering hunters all season.

The transmission’s transcript reads:

“Sorry bearings a little shot because…wow…it is just non-stop laser guns and explosions here. So, this target is gonna be perfect, ermm…him and his buddies are all the real deal and they have the best code names. Whoever’s unlucky enough to be in his cross hairs will never hear him coming, but if they could, they would know he means business and knowing is half the battle.”

“Knowing is half the battle” is a the old G.I. Joe slogan, and Snake Eyes is a Ninja Master so it all adds up. We’ll likely see other G.I. Joe skins in the Item Shop soon as well. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a portal out there for the new skins to come through, or if it’s being added soon.

At one point I had mixed feelings about all these non-Fortnite skins. I mean, a whole season dedicated to Marvel was a little over-the-top, and this season is just all over the map with this stuff. But you know what? I just don’t care anymore. These are all fun skins. G.I. Joe in Fortnite? Hey why not? It’s not like we’re getting many G.I. Joe video games, and as someone who used to have dozens of the action figures, the nostalgia is fun.

I just wish that these crossovers were more than just skins in the Item Shop. Why not release them with cool limited-time modes or just . . . something more than a way to get people to spend money? Back in the day, Fortnite crossovers meant something. We fought Thanos. There were Stormtrooper bots to take down, and lightsabers. At the very least, the arrival of Walking Dead heroes could coincide with a zombie infestation; the Terminator could show up alongside some murder-bots; G.I. Joe could mean the arrival of some new Big Team mode.

Oh well. It’s still fun, just not as creative as I know Epic Games can be.

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