Fortnite Streamer Spectates Player Using Aimbot and

If there’s one thing that players hate more than dying, it will be to die at the hands of players using hacks. Hackers and cheaters who use softwares such as aimbots cause a lot of headaches to players and developers of the game constantly. Even with a game like Valorant where the anti-cheat is more than impressive, hackers still seep through the cracks. So, it’s obvious in games like Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite, where the anti-cheat is not as efficient, to have hackers all the time.

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Fortnite Twitch stream spectates hacker

Most of the time players can’t prove that the opposition who killed them are hackers using aimbot. But this time, a player glimpsed it and also showed it to the masses because of the player livestreaming on a huge platform like Twitch. Popular Lebanese Fortnite streamer and comedian Arab spectated a hacker during his livestream. After he died, Arab continued to spectate the player who killed him while he left the room to pick up his food that was delivered to him.

When he left, the suspicious hacker continued the game like an average gamer until he encountered another player having a build battle. Out of nowhere, he shoots precisely from about 60 metres away with all of his shots hitting for a minimum of 44 damage and knocking others down easily. Even when a wall was placed to revive the player, he still hit the players on the correct spots where he could give damage once the wall breaks down.

Fortnite Event of the Year Challenge. Credit: Gamespot

Streamer watches the replay of the aimbot player

Even though Arab wasn’t there to see the player who might be using aimbot, his viewers saw the entire clip live. When he returned to his stream, his chat asked him to look at the replay of the hacker. Even though he was willing to look at the clip, he refuted the comments of his fans by saying that they shouldn’t call any player, a hacker just because they killed him.

But, then he noticed the overwhelmingly accurate headshots, he received the shock of a lifetime and confirmed his viewers’s doubts about the player being a hacker. Although Fortnite doesn’t have a history of hackers plaguing in the game like Warzone, it still has issues that the developers continue to work on, in order to decrease cheating and improve the player’s experience.

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