Fortnite Spooky TV Sets locations

If you want to know where the Fortnite spooky TV sets are and how to destroy them, we have their locations. They’ve come to the attention of a shadowy figure, yet to be revealed, who wants you to terminate the unauthorized broadcasts they’re displaying by destroying them. They also say “I have an idea where those are coming from… and I don’t like it”, which sounds pretty sinister if you ask us. This is due to be the last of the Fortnite Foreshadowing quests released, meaning the unidentified character could reveal the conclusion to this storyline, which has strong alien references and may guide where we head next in Fortnite. There’s only one way to find out, so go ahead and destroy Fortnite spooky TV sets to complete the job.

So far only a couple of the Foreshadowing quests are live in the game, so now is the time to repair some Fortnite damaged telescopes and investigate the Fortnite downed black helicopter if you haven’t done so. Soon you’ll need to use Fortnite CB radios and place Fortnite warning signs at crop circle to keep the quest going, but for now this is where you’ll find the Fortnite spooky TV sets.

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