Fortnite spoofs Apple and files a lawsuit, and pumpkin spice just won’t stay away: Friday Wake-Up Call

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Hail to the TBD: The Washington Football team is asking for suggestions for its new name, a permanent replacement for the racial slur it used for decades. Aside from the inevitable Football McFootballFace campaign this will surely invite, names like Warriors and even Red Skin Potatoes have been tossed around for years by fans. The team isn’t committing to using a fan suggestions, which might be wise. In 1997, Washington’s basketball team let fans vote on its new name, which is why the Washington Wizards are a thing. Still, it could have been the Sea Dogs.

Fresh faced: Today is National Tattoo Removal Day, and tattoo removal company Removery is offering to erase racist and hate-linked tattoos for free. Think of it as a skin rebranding. “The chain has a buy-one, give-one model,” writes Ad Age’s Jack Nef, “where every paying customer generates a free tattoo removal for someone else who qualifies. They include people who are formerly incarcerated, members of organized gangs, survivors of human trafficking or domestic abuse or anyone wishing to remove radicalized, hateful or racist tattoos.”

Child labor: Fisher-Price turned a meme into reality with its new “My Home Office” playset for kids, complete with wooden smartphone, headset and coffee mug. “The $24.99 set appears designed to help children tap into the pandemic-induced reality of their parents working from home,” writes Ad Age’s Adrianne Pasquarelli. Does it come with iffy wi-fi and a bathrobe for maximum verisimilitude?

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