Fortnite Skins That Failed Spectacularly to Live Up to Fans’ Expectations

Cosmetic items form an important part of any game; Fortnite more so than any other game. Moreover, they are also a major source of income for free-to-play games like Fortnite. Players love spending money on skins and developers keep offering them new ones to don and parade.

The demand for skins depends on a variety of reasons. These range from how good they look, how rare they are, and at times, especially in battle royale games, how well they hide players. Many skins do not fit either of these criteria and therefore fail to attract buyers. Those who end up buying them regret their purchase later on.

YouTube channel Top5Gaming recently uploaded a video listing the most unpopular skins in Fortnite. While many people refunded these skins after purchasing, various other have never used them in-game.

Fortnite skins that fans regret purchasing

To kick-start the list we have the Skull Trooper skin. Epic came out with the skin as a part of the very first ‘Fortnightmare‘ event in 2017. Only a few people bought the Skull Trooper skin during the event, making it one of the rarest skins in Fortnite. However, Epic has since re-introduced the skin twice, killing all the hype for it.

Following the Skull Trooper is another event skin, ‘Mecha Team Leader’. The character was a part of the Season 9 live event who fought off the ‘one-eyed monster’ and saved the island. Epic delivered as fans had hoped to see the character skin make its way to the shop. However, the skin was way too catchy and big. It proved useless in battle due to its unfortunately large hitbox.

Another reason why skins are rendered useless at times is bugs. One such skin rolled out during Easter 2018. The ‘Rabbit Raider’ was an epic holiday skin priced at 1500 V-bucks. However, as soon as players equipped the skin, they noticed it had a lot of bugs. The bunny ears of the skins stretched across the map and made it extremely difficult for players to play with it.

At the top of the list is the ‘Circuit Breaker’ skin that Epic had released in Season 2. Fans felt everything about that skin was just wrong. It was plain, boring, and the choice of colors was also quite poor. Even though it cost just 1200 V-bucks, it was still not worth spending on such a bland skin.

Watch this video from Top5Gaming and let us know which skin disappointed you the most.

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