‘Fortnite’ Skins for Sale: ‘Avengers’ Star Brie Larson Gets Own Locker Bundle Skin—Price and How to Get

“Fortnite” has been quite busy lately as the game adds another skin into its vast roster of in-game cosmetics. This time, “Avengers” actress Brie Larson has announced that she has a “Fortnite” Locker Skin available in the battle royale game.

The Locker Skin has some other goodies that players can purchase at the Item Shop.

How to Get Brie Larson’s Bush Babies Bundle in “Fortnite”

In Larson’s Twitter Account, the “Avengers” actress shared that she has taken over the world of “Fortnite” and has an exclusive deal for players. The Bush Babies Locker Skin Bundle is inspired by her real-life squad, Bush Babies, as she is also an avid gamer.

The skin bundle has other cosmetics such as Buzzy Bag back bling, Honey Hitters harvesting tool, and Freemix and Glitter emotes. The Bushranger skin has other different variants, like the default one, a blooming Bushranger, an Autumn one, Winter, and the Dream variant.

In terms of price, Inverse reported that the Bush Babies Locker Skin Bundle will cost players 2,000 V-Bucks in total. The price for it is already discounted, as it is usually priced at 3,000 in-game currency. It is uncertain if the price will change sometime later or it is an exclusive offer for a limited time. If players are interested in getting the Skin Bundle, now would be a good time to grab them.

According to Comicbook, this is the second time Larson has been linked into the world of “Fortnite.” Last year, the battle royale game added several Marvel Comic heroes such as Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, and her “Avenger” character, Captain Marvel, to the Nexus War Event.

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After making her announcement on Twitter, Larson also tweeted fellow “Avenger” Tessa Thompson to play another round of “Fortnite.” Previously, Thompson indeed was invited on Larson’s YouTube Channel and taught her how to play the battle royale shooter. Click on the video below to see the entire clip.

Other Skins Coming to “Fortnite” Update 16.20

According to RepublicWorld, dataminers have leaked several skins that will be featured in “Fortnite.” These skins are rumored to appear on the 16.20 update, which includes Harley Quinn and Princess Fishstick.

The leaks also show that the game will add new vehicle mods, with one of the first mods coming being the Chonkers off-road tires. There is also a front bumper mod called Scoop, while a rear bumper mod will be called Mega Booster.

“Fortnite” Game New Mechanics

The players are now experiencing a new feature in “Fortnite” that requires them to craft new weapons for a more powerful upgrade. However, there have been some complaints that crafting materials for the weapons are very hard to find on the game’s map.

To solve this, Epic Games released a patch to counter this and bring balance to  the battle royale’s mechanics. In a Twitter post, Fortnite Status did release the latest update for the recent trouble in finding weapon materials for the game. The update includes Double Crafting Parts in floor loot stacks, Makeshift AR & Revolver Accuracy, Bow headshot damage increase and arrow speed, and more.

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