Fortnite Skins Epic Needs To Bring Back

The ever-popular Travis Scott Outfit was first introduced to “Fortnite” in April 2020. It more or less looks like Travis Scott himself, shirtless and tatted, wearing nothing but jewelry and khakis. The “T-3500” alternate style looks more or less the same, but some of his skin has been stripped away to reveal a metal skeleton that brings the Terminator to mind.

The Outfits were added to the item shop as part of the “Astronomical” set, which was released alongside Travis Scott’s musical event of the same name. Fans of Scott’s music and fans of the game alike flocked to the Outfits, and were ultimately disappointed when they were removed later that same month.

Players have taken to Twitter, begging Epic to bring the Travis Scott Outfits back to the “Fortnite” item shop. There’s been no indication so far of whether or not they’ll return, but maybe this won’t the rapper’s last collaboration with Epic Games.

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