Fortnite Secret Passage locations: What are the Secret Passages and why are they disabled?

Epic Games introduced Secret Passages in Fornite as a part of its Chapter 2 storyline earlier this year. These secret passages run underneath the map and have been a very important part of most of the player movements and looting patterns. Players can use this passage to easily enter and exit the safe houses, and it also gives them enough time to carry out loots.

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Fortnite Secret Passage locations

The Secret Passages are found at the five new locations in Fortnite. These include The Shark, The Grotto, The Agency, The Rig, and The Yacht. These places are hidden in dumpsters and ordinary-looking toilets across the map and allow players to magically get to another location on the map immediately after they hide inside. Epic Games had also introduced a challenge in Season 2 which tasked players with using secret passages in different matches.

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Fortnite Secret Passage locations disabled temporarily

Epic Games has temporarily disabled all the travels through Secret Passages in Fortnite until further notice. While the underlying issue behind the suspension is not known, the Fortnite Status page on Twitter has confirmed that they are working on fixing the setback and that an update will be provided when the issue gets resolved.

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With the Secret Passage disabled, players will no longer be able to use the exit strategy until the issue is fixed by the developers, however, all of the Secret Passage gates will now appear as regular hiding spots that you can enter.

In the absence of these Secret Passages, players’ only option to get through the crowded points of interest will be to use some vehicle like helicopters, boats, or rideable sharks. However, it should be noted that you will face stringent competition while trying to get one of these vehicles, especially since the Secret Passage ability has been disabled for all users. So, it is advised that you land and loot safely until the issue gets fixed.

Epic Games hasn’t provided any details around how long it may take to resolve the problem, however, you can keep an eye on the Fortnite status page on Twitter to stay updated.

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