Fortnite Season 8 And Chapter 3 Details Rumored By Anonymous Leaker

This person has reportedly leaked some accurate stuff before, so this Fortnite content might be legit.


Though we don’t know when exactly season 8 of Fortnite is going to start, we do know that the current Battle Pass will end on September 12. Since the new season usually begins shortly after the last Battle Pass ends, it’s more than likely that season 8 of Fortnite will begin on September 13, though it’s still possible that season 7 could get an extension.

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According to Fortnite News, an anonymous leaker who has been correct about leaks in the past has given us some details about what we can expect to see coming up in Fortnite. Oddly enough, this starts with Naruto, who is rumored to be the goal for the max tier unlock in season 8. Epic Games is supposedly still “in talks” to make this happen. Additionally, an explosive kunai weapon will supposedly be making an appearance in season 8, too.

Other rumored upcoming collaborations include Ariana Grande and Suicide Squad. The leaker has made the claim that we will be getting an Ariana Grande outfit and her own personal concert event in the game. In addition, we will supposedly be seeing members from the Justice League and Suicide Squad enter the Fortnite scene, though we don’t know which characters yet.

via PCMag

*Possible spoilers for Fortnite storyline ahead.*

In terms of what we can look forward to in chapter 3, this leaker had more to say. They claim that the Cube will be making another appearance at the end of the current season, and it will be in control of a Queen character whose identity and details are not yet known. They also stated that the map for chapter 3 will be newly redesigned. Supposedly, Fortnite’s “The Seven” will also finally be revealed in chapter 3.

None of this has been confirmed officially, so it’s possible that this leaker is off with their information. Though, given that they’ve reportedly been correct with leaks in the past, there’s a real chance that some of these exciting features will actually make it into the game.

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