Fortnite Season 7: Top 5 Most Significant Updates Coming to the Game

As Fortnite players enter the 7th month of 2021, new leaks predict all the new content the game might see in July. Despite the Cosmic Summer nearing its end, and some players would’ve wanted the event to go on longer, all these leaks suggest the future might be even better than the present.


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One of the most anticipated in-game items players can’t wait to get their hands on is the Alien Nanite. Leaks suggest not only can this device be used as a grenade, it can also be used to craft weapons. And there other big updates coming to the game as well.

Fortnite: big updates the game might get soon


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Alien Nanite

Players knew about the Nanite and how it could be used as a grenade to create anti-gravity areas, but recent leaks claim that players will also be able to use it to craft weapons. The Pulse Rifle, the Rail Gun, the Ray Gun, and another weapon that hasn’t been released yet are four weapons that players will be able to craft using the Alien Nanite.

Mothership changes positions

The Mothership has been changing its position for quite a few days now, and this is because very soon it’ll get on top of Coral Castle and abduct the area one. Leaks suggest that the Mothership will abduct the area in chunks.

Alien parasites will take over some territories

Alien parasites will invade three locations, namely Holly Hedges, Weeping Woods, and Lazy Lake. Other areas are expected to be safe from the invasion.

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The game hasn’t seen new animals in some time. This was why Epic Games will likely introduce Kangaroos to the game. Epic Games hasn’t confirmed it, but there have been hints that point towards kangaroos being added to the game.


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More Rick and Morty Characters

In the underground base, players have found clues that suggest that Summer and Mr. Nimbus might make an appearance in the game soon.

There are 5 big updates that are expected to arrive to the game soon. And players of Fortnite seem excited.


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