Fortnite Season 7: Pulse vs Assualt Rifles

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 introduced four new weapons into the game. All these weapons have been added to Fortnite to celebrate the new alien-themed season. Along with the weapons, there are also alien NPCs, driveable UFOs, and new POIs that players can check out.

One of the new weapons is the Pulse Rifle. Soon after its release, many players tried their hands and realized that the weapon is definitely an option to consider in fights. Epic and Mythic versions of the weapon can deal high damage to enemies, and bullet velocity helps take players down long distances. Many Fortnite players will draw comparisons to the Pulse Rifle with the Stark rifle from back in the day.

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Who fares better in Fortnite: Pulse or Assault Rifle?

Pulse Rifle shoots at a higher fire rate in hip-fire, but the fire rate slows down when aiming down the sights. The damage range varies from 33 damage per shot to 36 damage per shot, depending upon the weapon’s rarity. All rarities use medium ammo and have a headshot multiplier of 1.5x. Additionally, all rarities have a magazine size of 16.

Pulse Rifle in Fortnite Season 7/ Image via FortniteWiki
Pulse Rifle in Fortnite Season 7/ Image via FortniteWiki

While the weapon might seem deadly in the right hands, Pulse Rifle may not be the best rifle in Fortnite. With AUG and SCAR back in the ground loot, players will find it hard to let go of the regular OGs for the Pulse Rifle.

There are plenty of reasons to carry the SCAR or the AUG instead of the Pulse. ARs are easily found in ground loot, and players can use Nuts and Bolts to craft out their favorite version of it if required.

Furthermore, they come with a bigger magazine size, higher fire rate, which does not diminish when aiming down sights, and much more reliable in close-quarter combat. However, with the Pump Shotty in the game, there is no need to consider any other weapon for close-range combat.

While new weapons add more variety to the game, players might still want to stick to the Assault Rifles when it comes to sweaty pub matches in Fortnite.

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